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    Green Connect's Free-Range Pork - selling fast!

    Green Connect chemical-free & free-range pork is now available for pre-order in packs of 10kg and 5kg packs. And with only 2 pigs at our farm, there are limited packs available for purchase! Prepay here and pick up by Fri 28th of August 2020 - be quick! They're selling fast. Please make sure to bring a cool bag when collecting your fresh meat.  The pork packs and cuts are from August 2020, and are kept at Cleaver & Co. Butchers:

    Cleaver and Co Craft Butchery 2/5 Murphy Av, Gwynneville.

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    Green Connect's chemical-free, free-range meat !

    We have limited amount of Lamb and Pork cuts available (frozen) from our last processing back in April 2020. Please note that these cannot be added to your veg box but must be collected from our office in Unanderra. Green Connect is proud to be able to offer locally produced, chemical-free, sustainable fresh meat from our farm in Warrawong. Our pigs and lambs are raised on our chemical-free permaculture farm in Warrawong. The pigs digging and lambs grazing improves the organic condition of the farm helping our plants to grow. Our animals are regularly rotated around the farm so that they get different areas to feast on leftover fruit, vegetables and vegetation – which also helps us to cultivate the soil.We offer free-range pork and lamb, raised in the best possible conditions, every three months. They live in the sunshine, roll in the mud, and act like pigs. Their addition gives us the capacity to convert food waste into the meat. They also help us control weeds and vegetable stubble in our cropping areas, without synthetic chemicals. They spare us from fungal issues that can occur from stubble build up. They fertilise our soil with manure. Their digging forces and mixes organic matter deep into the ground. We have lamb chops and stock packs available - Great for cold winter nights!
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    Wholesale Meat (Whole or Half)

    We offer free-range meat, raised in the best possible conditions, every three months.

    Pre-orders now available for January 2021

    We raise our pigs and lambs on our permaculture farm in Warrawong, where they can move about freely in the different areas of our farm and feast on leftover fruit and vegetables. Our pigs and sheep are rotated so they always have fresh pasture. They live in the sunshine, roll in mud, and act like animals. In line with our mission for sustainability, their addition gives us the capacity to convert food waste into meat. This grazing and digging help the ecosystem at our farm by promoting tree growth, reducing food waste, and reducing fruit flies. They also help us control weeds and vegetable stubble in our cropping areas, so we don't have to use synthetic chemicals. Stubble build up can lead to fungal issues and they fertilise our soil with manure while mixing up all the organic matter in the ground with their digging. We raise them seasonally, so meat is available every 3 months. We offer pigs and lamb for purchase whole or half and orders of this size are given a wholesale discount. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale meat, please contact Isabel at or call the Fair Food team on 0437 038 151 and we will advise on available stock. Please note that prices and kilograms are based on estimates.  
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