Corporate Volunteer Days

Corporate Volunteer Days

Looking for a hands-on teambuilding activity that makes a difference?

We offer corporate days on the Green Connect farm in Wollongong, working alongside the young people and former refugees that we employ, to plant, weed, water, prune, mulch or otherwise contribute to the development of our permaculture wonderland.

With two creeklines full of native plants, a market garden and food forest with 55 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs, and lots of animals, there’s a range of activities for staff to do.

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Corporate volunteer days can be tailored to the time that you have available and the activities that you want staff to do. Generally we host groups of up to 20 people (but can accommodate more than one group if need be), and pay our staff (young people and former refugees) to work alongside you.

A corporate volunteer day could include:

  • Preparing and planting market garden beds
  • Weeding, mulching, pruning and watering
  • A tour of the Green Connect farm
  • Feeding the pigs and chickens
  • Lunch with Green Connect staff
  • An overview of permaculture and organic farming methods
  • Discussions about the barriers that young people and/or former refugees face and how Green Connect is overcoming these

Corporate volunteer days are valued by staff, giving them a chance to contribute to the work that we are doing in regenerative farming and employing young people and refugees. We look forward to welcoming your team to the farm.


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