Beginners in Backyards – recordings from our online workshops

Beginners in Backyards – recordings from our online workshops


Beginners in Backyards is a mixed bunch of topics taught by the experts at Green Connect. If you are a complete beginner gardener and want to grow your skills as well as your herbs then this video series is for you!

Purchase these recordings to hear our expert gardeners Ange and Jacqui walk you through the basic skills that will get you backyard gardening with confidence and prepared for Spring. With the change of season, now is the perfect time to make plans, learn simple skills and start thinking long-term to ensure the success of your edible garden.

Just $30 each all four for the special price of $90 

  • Small Space Gardening with Angela Cook 
  • Seed Saving with Jacqui Besgrove
  • All About Compost with Jacqui Besgrove
  • Backyard Chickens with Jacqui Besgrove
Scroll down for more info about each topic. 

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Beginners in Backyards (available as a recordings from when they were live in July 2020)


Small Space Gardening with Angela Cook

  • Tackle the unique challenges faced by small space gardeners limited to their balconies, patios or even kitchen window sills! Have you got a question about drainage, a query about capturing sunlight? Understand what your biggest hurdles will be and how to address them with help from Ange! She is a secondary school Geography teacher, a qualified Bushcare re-generator, farm volunteer and runs public tours for us here at the Green Connect far

Seed Saving with Jacqui Besgrove 

  • What’s in your fridge and sitting in your fruit bowl right now? Seeds! With the cool season upon us, it’s the perfect time to learn to save seeds from your fruits, veggies and herbs like a pro. In this workshop, you’ll explore Permablitz award-winner Jacqui Besgrove’s permaculture kitchen garden to learn her tips for harvesting and saving seeds ready for the years to come.

All About Compost with Jacqui Besgrove

  • Jacqui is back to teach you the ins and outs of backyard composting and worm farming (let worms do the work!) whilst directing food waste out of the kitchen and into the garden. By the end of this workshop, you will be able to select the appropriate type of composting system for your needs, understand the basics of how and why this system works and apply the finished results to your plants.

Backyard Chickens 

  • If you have ever wanted to turn your backyard into a free range chicken run then this workshop is for you! Jacqui will explain and demonstrate how chickens can be more than a daily supply of healthy protein-packed eggs. As the hardest working members of your gardening team, chickens can help process food scraps into compost, control pests and diseases, prepare veggie beds and fertilise your plants when effectively integrated into your garden systems.


Why is Green Connect going online?

Well, because we are proud of the work we have done to turn 11 aces of disused land into a thriving permaculture farm abundant with vegetables, fruit, herbs and animals (goats, pigs, sheep and chickens). And because we’re so proud of it, we want to share it with you while you’re stuck at home. People often ask us what we do, how we do it and why it’s such a success story for the Illawarra. So each week, purchase your tickets to attend a live webinar. Rest assured, as a not for profit, your ticket price goes directly to our farm. Every little bit helps and supports the work that we do.






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Small Space Gardening with Angela Cook, Seed Saving with Jacqui Besgrove, All About Compost with Jacqui Besgrove, Backyard Chickens  , 4 webinars for $90


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