In-depth Beekeeping – Sat 3rd Sep 2022

Location: Green Connect Farm, 6 Anna Avenue Warrawong
Date: Saturday 3rd Sept 2022
Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Teacher: Claire Brown
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Price: Early Bird $172 | Full-priced $192 | Concession $132


Are you fascinated by the art of beekeeping and keen to gain the skills required to start your own hive?

In this full day workshop, expert beekeeper Claire Brown will share the knowledge and skills required to get you up and running as a confident, successful backyard beekeeper.

We will all put on protective protective beekeeping gear to look inside the hives to see the day-to-day life of the fascinating European honey bee, Apis mellifera. You will have the opportunity to look at the way honey is stored in the hive, see worker bees and drones in action, see bee larvae in their protective cells, and if you’re very lucky, we might even find the Queen Bee! You will learn the practical skills necessary to calm the hive using smokers, lift frames, maintain the hive, and harvest honey.

Specifically, your workshop will include:

Theory –

  • The life cycle of bees
  • The roles of different bees in the hive
  • Obtaining beehives
  • Ideal hive placement
  • Hive types and their characteristics
  • Bee diseases – how control for them, spot them and treat them
  • Swarming behaviour, and how to catch a swarm

Practical –

  • Inspecting a beehive
  • Managing your space
  • Finding evidence of a Queen Bee (and with lots of luck and patience, finding the Queen Bee herself!)
  • Essential beekeeping resources
  • Brood management
  • Hive maintenance
  • Extracting honey

Morning tea and lunch will be provided for all participants.

At the end of this in-depth workshop, you will have all the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to get started with setting up, populating, maintaining and harvesting from your very own beehive. Nothing beats fresh honey and honeycomb from the hive!

This workshop will build on the topics covered in the Intro to Beekeeping workshop, however you don’t need to have done the introductory workshop in order to attend the in-depth workshop.

Before you book your ticket, please consider the following:

  • The site is a working farm – all visitors will be given a brief safety induction upon arrival.
  • The terrain at the farm is steep and can be slippery in parts. Participants will be required to walk across uneven or sloping ground. If you have mobility restrictions or any concerns about your ability to navigate the terrain, please contact us before booking.
  • Allergen advice: Our farm is home to domestic animals as well as bees, wasps, and macadamia trees. Please pack an EpiPen if allergic and keep it with you while on site.

All beekeeping workshop participants must:

  • Wear thick pants such as jeans and a long sleeved shirt. Don’t wear black, as this is the colour of many of the bees natural predators. We recommend light coloured clothing.
  • Wear enclosed shoes or boots (no thongs or sandals allowed).
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen or raincoat, depending on the weather forecast.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle.


Your teacher: Claire Brown

Claire Brown runs the local business, Flametree Beekepers.  She trained as an Environmental Scientist at UOW and Science teacher before discovering a passion for bees. She owns and maintains Langstroth, Flow and Warre beehives and is interested in the ways bees react to different styles of beekeeping. She has found that learning about bees and seeing the amazing way they build and communicate has been a very interesting project amongst the day to day of bringing up two small children. Claire keeps European and Australian native bees and loves learning about the multitude of native pollinators in her permaculture garden. Claire has found beekeeping to be an activity which lends itself to a mindful practice, bringing calm and focus to the day.


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