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Anyone can fall in to poverty (see below for a full explanation of what we mean) and it takes a village to lift someone out of it. Green Connect is partnering with two local support organisations to provide gift vouchers to women escaping domestic violence and people experiencing homelessness.

For every dollar you donate, Green Connect will double it and give vouchers to these organisations so that the people they support can come and shop for what they need like everyone else. With choice comes pride and confidence. Let’s stop limiting people in need to choosing from six pairs of shoes, none of which fit or suit them, and give them access to a full range of clothes, shoes, manchester, homewares and more.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Thank you for making a donation to support people in our community.

Green Connect exists to create jobs, reduce waste and grow fair food. In the work that we do, we meet folks from all walks of life. We know as well as anyone that anyone can fall in to poverty. It only takes a couple of things to collapse – a relationship, a job, physical health, mental health, financial security – and suddenly the rest can topple over too. And it’s really hard to dig yourself out of poverty, because one thing leads to another – e.g. you can’t get a new job because you can’t afford the transport, and you can’t afford the transport because you don’t have a job, or your relationship is put under strain because of your health, and your health gets worse because of how things are going in your relationship. These kind of catch-22 situations are commonplace.

It’s why social enterprises like Green Connect are sometimes described as a “catch-all disguised as employment support” – we use employment as the goal to wrap all other support around. Sometimes it means helping someone find somewhere safe to live. Other times it might be helping with mental health or physical health or counselling or training or work clothes. We work with other great community services to do whatever is needed to gain and keep employment because a job is more than just a job – it is a sense of purpose, it is connection to the community, it is financial independence.

Two of the amazing community organisations we work with help those who need to set up new homes:

  • The Illawarra Women’s Health Centre offer a range of services, including supporting women fleeing from domestic violence
  • Wollongong Homeless Hub, who support people without a safe place to sleep to find both short-term and long-term accommodation

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