Rescuing a Wild Beehive with Father Branko February 29

Rescuing a Wild Beehive with Father Branko February 29


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Probably everyone has seen a hive in the wild at one time, hanging from a branch or in a tree trunk, whether you knew it was one or not!  This one-off workshop is for experienced beekeepers, building on your skills and passion for honey bees. In this 3-hr workshop, Father Branko will give you the practical knowledge and experience necessary to spot and confidently manage a wild hive in order to ‘rescue’ the bees. Why do the bees need rescuing? Because these are the bees with the best genes, surviving in the wild and defending against invaders and diseases! Please note this workshop will be postponed to March 7th if it’s raining heavily.


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Saturday February 29th, 2020 from 9am-12noon


Green Connect Farm, Warrawong


Father Branko is one of our resident beekeepers, with over a dozen boxes currently situated on the Green Connect farm. Recently, a queen bee left her old brood (the parent hive) to establish a ‘wild’ colony nearby where she has continued to build her home. Father Branko was quick to identify it and in this hands-on workshop will teach you the skills of rescuing it together. If you are already a beekeeper, then you know that this is an essential skill to add to your repertoire! This one-off workshop is a unique opportunity for anyone experienced in working with or keeping their own bees.

You will learn how to:

  • Spot a wild hive
  • Read the behaviors of the hive
  • Clear the site by cutting back branches
  • Use smoke and other methods to calm the bees
  • Understand swarm management
  • Work with Father Branko on the hive cut-out, splitting hand-cut section of the wild hive into bee boxes
  • If we’re lucky we may even see the queen!


About the facilitators:

Father Branko is from a long family line of beekeepers, dating back as far as anyone can remember! He grew up in Serbia, extracting honey, cleaning frames and inspecting over a hundred bee hives alongside his grandfather. Skip forward to 2016 and Father Branko’s set up a thriving colony of bees among the flowering plants here on the Green Connect Farm. Four years later and it’s become a pollinating partnership that works for everyone! Father Branko says the honey from these hives is like nothing you’ve ever tasted before – raw, local and an intense flavour. Our veg box customers can add Branko’s honey to their weekly order here 

What to bring

  • Enclosed shoes
  • Full leg pants in a thick material
  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Water to drink


  • Beekeeper’s suit for hire (upper body cover only)


Please note that if it is raining heavily that day, we will postpone until the following weekend (March 7).

Notice: We have a number of animals on our farm which you may be allergic to including pigs, sheep, bees and the occasional snake. Please inform us if you have allergies – a bee allergy will exclude you from participating in this workshop. This workshop explores the Green Connect farm in depth, it does require walking through muddy ground, up hills and on uneven surfaces, if you have mobility or health issues please contact the team on 4243 1537 or to see if it’s is right for you.


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