Sponsor a Tree at the Green Connect Farm


We need more trees at the Green Connect farm, but not just any trees – we want to create specialised Food Forests! Can you help?

The trees we plant will complement and support each other, whilst minimising pests, weeds and maintenance (as well as feeding our Green Connect community!)

If you would like to be a part of this special project, offsetting your carbon footprint and contributing to soil health at the Green Connect farm, check out the ways in which you can get involved below.



Donate a Tree ($50) – Your donation will cover the cost of purchasing and planting a tree to be a part of our Green Connect Food Forest in Wollongong NSW.

Sponsor a Tree in 2020 ($100) – You can sponsor your own tree by covering the costs of buying and planting, as well as maintaining and watering your tree for a year. You (or the recipient of your thoughtful and sustainable gift) will be invited to come along and plant the tree yourself at our tree planting day at the farm!

Sponsor a Tree for 5 years ($300) – This option includes a certificate with a photo of your tree (and you!), as you will receive an invitation to attend our special tree planting day at the farm. You can put it into the ground with your own two hands, and we will keep you updated on the progress of the food forest your tree is part of each year for the next five years.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of edible forests or how to create one at home, click HERE!

What your sponsored tree will do

Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide

Trees are basically the lungs of our planet. They are our enormous planetary breathing system, pulling vast quantities of carbon dioxide from the air. Leaves perform the important role of controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by absorbing CO2 directly from the air and storing it in branches and trunks, before releasing oxygen back into the air.

However, CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere continue to rise and frankly, our 3 trillion trees can’t keep up with our emissions.

Click HERE for an amazing clip developed by NASA, to see this cycle in action across the planet!

Enhancing Soil Structure

Trees contribute greatly to soil stability by protecting it from the impact of rain and wind (using their foliage) and binding soil to the land by providing drainage and preventing soil compaction (through their root systems). If we have fewer trees providing these protective measures, our precious top soil is washed into rivers and waterways which can then become contaminated with pesticides. It takes decades to restore minerals and make land productive again.

Habitats for Threatened Species

The excessive tree clearing which we see particularly in NSW and QLD is significantly impacting the survival of a variety of species in Australia including koalas, quolls, possums, gliders, owls, honey eaters and frogs.

See a more comprehensive list of threatened species as a result of logging and deforestation HERE.


Australia is home to some of the oldest, most unique and magnificent trees on the planet. Our rain forests, woodlands, gum tree forests and grasslands support precious ecological functions and provide habitats for our wonderfully diverse local wildlife. However, Australia has one of the highest rates of tree clearing of any developed country in the world and with bush fires currently devastating communities, wildlife and our environment, we are going to need to do everything we can to help regenerate and restore our environment.




Additional information


Donate a Tree ($50), Sponsor a Tree in 2020 ($100), Sponsor a Tree for 5 years ($300)


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