We provide skilled, reliable workers at short notice and manage them for you, paying award wages and covering all on-costs, including insurance and superannuation.

We ensure inductions are thorough and WHS requirements are met.

We create jobs that care for people and planet.

At Green Connect, it all comes down to people.
We recruit and train hard-working individuals, providing you with reliable, tailored, skilled teams while supporting people with barriers to employment to secure meaningful work.

At the same time, we care for the planet.
The work we do is focused on cleaning up, caring for, and protecting our planet through sustainable services, programs and initiatives.


Tell us about your project requirements today, and we’ll get back to you with an initial quote.

We help you get the job done while demonstrating your commitment to sustainable, ethical practices.

Through our work readiness program, we recruit and train people with barriers to employment, including young people, refugees, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Our people build the skills, experience and confidence they need to gain employment. They are dedicated, positive, hard-working team members who bring diverse skill sets to suit your specific needs.

We go the extra mile to support our staff every step of the way; from translation services to mental health support, our Green Connect supervisors provide holistic on-site support for all contracted staff.

This support, along with thorough site inductions and consistent, well-coordinated client communication, ensures we execute contracts smoothly and exceed your expectations at every step.

We are committed to matching the right people to the right jobs.


We are an ethical labour hire business, our workers are paid award rates and are well supported.

Our work pathway participants can work in diverse fields, including (but not limited to):

Event Waste Management

Litter Picking and Site Cleaning

FOGO Line Picking


Outdoor Labour

Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Food Preparation


We help businesses, organisations and councils fill staffing gaps, clean up and reduce their waste and meet sustainability and social impact objectives. 


We’re an Ethical Labour Hire service. All of our staff are paid award wages, and we cover all on-costs, including superannuation, tax, insurance and administration.


We are committed to matching the right people to the right jobs and we go the extra mile to support our staff every step of the
way to ensure we execute contracts smoothly.


We employ people with barriers to employment. You receive a first-rate service while meeting social impact objectives and making a positive difference in your community.


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“SOILCO has partnered with the Green Connect team since 2016 and we are proud to support an organisation that assists disadvantaged individuals in our community to find valuable employment. The assurance that Green Connect pays employees according to the Award and covers all on-costs brings peace of mind. Some casuals have gained valuable experience with SOILCO and we have been able to offer them permanent positions in our company. The longevity of our collaboration speaks to the trust, professionalism and the dedication we share to a sustainable future that provides opportunities to all.

Michelle Gibbs
SOILCO Human Resources Advisor


Select Civil


The relationship between Green Connect and Select Civil blossomed through a serendipitous encounter, as Select Civil stumbled upon Green Connect and wholeheartedly embraced our mission of employing individuals, reducing waste, and fostering fair food practices. Impressed by our values, Select Civil made the decision to employ our staff for site maintenance, and this fruitful collaboration has endured for a decade. Such partnerships exemplify the kind of relationships we actively seek at Green Connect — mutually beneficial and aligned with our core principles.

Select Civil’s work varies depending on several factors and it can be hard to staff adequately, that is how Green Connect can help. When there is additional need, Green Connect staff step in, sometimes by addressing litter that may have escaped the waste collection site due to wind and storm activity. In addition to this crucial task, our team provides valuable assistance with labour-intensive duties such as brush-cutting, lawn mowing, general facility maintenance, as well as manual labour for erecting litter nets and fencing.

This allows Select Civil to focus on their core business while Green Connect looks after other things that have come up that need to be done but are not core business. This partnership has provided opportunities for some of our employees to successfully transition into permanent positions within the company, showcasing the positive impact and career growth nurtured through this collaboration.

In summary, the enduring partnership between Green Connect and Select Civil has helped to empower many individuals who faced multiple barriers to employment. Last year, Green Connect provided 132 individuals with employment opportunities and Select Civil was a key contributor to achievement.

King of Courts


King of Courts are hard court specialists who design, construct, and maintain courts and asphalt surfaces. After a sudden influx of work, they called on Green Connect’s Ethical Labour Hire to carry out labouring, digging and material handling to resurface the Bowral Basketball Courts.

We quickly deployed a team with the right skills to complete the labouring job efficiently, including worker Ton Dee, who was at the forefront of this project over its three-month term. Not only was the project finished successfully, with King of Courts expressing their satisfaction at the quality of our labour, they took on Ton Dee as a permanent, full-time staff member.

Charity Avery, Relationships Manager at Green Connect, says,

“Ton Dee joined our Employment Pathway Program as a 22-year-old refugee looking to enter the workforce. He’s a leader in the local Burmese community and is an incredibly reliable worker with a strong work ethic and willingness to learn. He’s personable, committed and, like all the people we support in our Employment Pathway, he’s always ready for a challenge. We’re so proud of Ton Dee, and we’re thrilled he was able to secure permanent employment with King of Courts. It’s a perfect example of our mission in action.

“Green Connect’s team demonstrated a deep understanding of the projects scope and requirements and was able to deliver high-quality work within the specified timeframe and budget. They were always available to address any concerns or questions, and they worked collaboratively with our team to ensure the project was a success.

Dylan Julius
Operations Manager – Select Civil Pty Ltd


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