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Bug Battle

Bug Battle A battle is unfolding at the farm – us against aphids! They are attempting a takeover of our brassicas, including kale, broccoli, and cauliflower crops, but we [...]

New Arrivals

Normally the season of Spring is associated with the arrival of new animals, but for us, the last couple of weeks have been packed with them.  We have just [...]

A Fresh Look

A Fresh Look It’s an exciting time for Green Connect Fair Food with the official launch of our new website! As veg box subscribers, chances are you’re well-aware of [...]

Social Enterprise

Business for Purpose Social enterprises are not typical businesses. They exist to address pressing social or environmental issues and generate revenue to achieve this purpose. Green Connect, as a [...]

Managing Weeds

Managing Weeds Managing weeds is one of the most time-consuming tasks on our farm. Even in a smaller backyard garden, weeds can quickly get out of control, particularly at [...]

Bana Grass

Bana Grass This week we’re giving a shout out to bana grass, an amazing support plant that you’ll see in many places around the farm. I have really grown [...]


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