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Illawarra Business Award finalists

We were delighted to get a call to tell us that we are finalists in not one but three (!!) categories at this year's Illawarra Business Awards. Last year was our first year at the awards and we won Excellence in Social Enterprise. This year we have been shortlisted for: Excellence in Sustainability Excellence in Workplace Inclusion Outstanding Business Leader (Kylie Flament) Wish us luck!

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Funding for a kids play area and activities at the farm

Thank you to everyone in Wollongong who voted for us as part of My Community Project. Thanks to you, the NSW Government is going to fund a children's play area and kids activities on the Green Connect farm! Here's a bit more about our project, called "Fun on the farm": We live in a world that is disconnected from nature and from where our food comes from. Through an educational play area and hands-on activities on an 11-acre farm, this project will re-connect children and families with plants, animals, food systems and lots of mud. Messy play, healthy curiosity, exploration and [...]

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Meet the team-Natasha Wilmer

Natasha Willmer is a born and bred country girl from Temora. In 1996 she found herself in Wollongong, after missing the truckie she was meant to be meeting up with. She came down the mountain, saw the view and thought, ‘Nup, not leaving! I’m staying. Done.’ And she’s been here ever since... Tell me a little bit about yourself- who are you outside of Green Connect? Outside of Green Connect? Do I exist outside of Green Connect? Good question. I don’t do much besides Green Connect. I’m here five days a week. I was a volunteer, I [...]

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August 2019 Green Connect News

Last week I went to the Social Impact Evidence Forum in Melbourne and got to catch up with lots of great social entrepreneurs, researchers and funders. I have to admit, running a social enterprise is hard. It was comforting to know that others find it hard too – and that they (like we) do it anyway because we know what a big difference we’re making. It’s hard because we’re trying to run a business with all the commercial expertise a business requires while also doing all the social and environmental good of a charity. There are never [...]

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Green Connect’s youth employment program

Tucked away in one of the poorest suburbs of Wollongong, a city built on mining and manufacturing industries that are now in decline, lies an 11-acre permaculture farm that gives young people and former refugees a chance to learn new skills, try new things, make mistakes, meet new people, and make a difference. The majority of the young people that come to Green Connect have dropped out of school or are at risk of doing so. Some have learning difficulties, mental health challenges and/or difficult home lives that have made learning the skills they will need to get and keep a [...]

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Volunteer “dig day” at the farm

A group of volunteers came to the Green Connect farm to remove a leftover crop, glean as much edible food as possible, and compost the rest. This was a pilot project from our Food Optimisation team to figure out the best way to ensure that no food goes to waste at the farm. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for future events.

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Press release: Green Connect tackling youth employment

Green Connect – a Wollongong based social enterprise – has won a NSW Government contract to help solve youth unemployment. Green Connect has been engaged to create employment opportunities for disengaged young people aged 15-24, who live in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Southern Highlands, and face multiple and complex barriers to employment.  The contract is part of the Youth Employment Innovation Challenge: a $10 million NSW Government program that provides funding to innovative solutions and ideas that help young people find employment in NSW. Kylie Flament, General Manager, said:“We’re thrilled to secure this contract, and to grow [...]

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Green Connect wins 2019 Australia Day award

Green Connect was honoured at the Wollongong City Council Australia Day awards last night, winning the award for Outstanding Community Group. Emmanuel Bakenga, Support Worker at Green Connect, and community member Irit Alony who nominated Green Connect, were on hand to accept the award and thank the council and community for their support.

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Green Connect wins Excellence in Social Enterprise at the Illawarra Business Awards

We were honoured to win an Illawarra Business Award. Bron Williams, HR & Labour Hire Manager, and Kylie Flament, General Manager, were on hand to accept the award and said: “It’s hard to run a small or medium business. Throw in some lofty social and environmental goals and it seems near impossible, but at Green Connect we do the near impossible every day… thank you to the Illawarra community who believed in us, who buy our products and services, who have provided support when we need it, and who make something that is far from easy, but [...]

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