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July Farm Update

July Farm Update Pulling down our dilapidated old chook run has been a mammoth task. We have now dismantled the old structure, keeping salvageable material and recycling the rest. Carrying [...]

Growing People

Growing People Green Connect exists to create jobs and training opportunities for former refugees and young people with multiple and complex barriers to employment. Walking alongside our staff as they [...]

Mizuna Salad

Mizuna Salad This recipe comes from Click on the title to view the original recipe, including full instructions, nutritional information and useful notes. Ingredients 1 large bunch fresh mizuna [...]

Working Pigs

Working Pigs We discovered a patch of invasive honeysuckle growing on the Eastern bank of the farm recently. It was sending runners up the hill and starting to get out [...]

Meet Rigby

Meet Rigby! We recently welcomed a buck (male) goat to the farm. Rigby is a miniature goat (genetically 50% Pygmy breed), and he’s settling into his new home well. He [...]

Autumn Planting

Autumn Planting It’s still incredibly wet at the farm, despite the better weather recently. Although many garden beds are too bogged for planting, we’re making the most of the ones [...]


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