Media Releases

3 JUNE 2023

How Green Connect uses education to work towards zero waste – ROBERT SERVINE

Published in The Illawarra Mercury – Saturday 3rd June

Australians generated an estimated 75.8 million tonnes (Mt) of waste in 2020-2021, up 3 per cent from the year prior, according to the latest National Waste Report. That’s equivalent to around 1,435 Sydney Harbour Bridges worth of waste – in a single year, in a single country.

It’s an overwhelming number, and with World Environment Day on the horizon (June 5), the future of our planet weighs heavily on our minds. However, as we contemplate the world our children will inherit, it is the best-case scenarios that drive us at Green Connect. We hope that through collaborative efforts, we can reduce waste, restore our ecosystems, and foster a greener, fairer way of life.


13 JANUARY 2023

Large scale chemical agriculture untenable – ROBERT SERVINE

Published in The Illawarra Mercury – Saturday 14th January

There are many benefits to being the General Manager of Green Connect, but the big one is that I get to work from our farm in Warrawong regularly and when I’m there I am surrounded by a vibrant natural environment.

Decades of research have proven that exposure to natural spaces is critical to our mental and physical health. It saddens me that not everyone experiences the rhythms of the land the way that my team and I do.

I found out recently that over 50 per cent of Australian students have never visited a farm. About 60 per cent have no idea where their food comes from, let alone how it is grown.


10 AUGUST 2022

Green Connect announces Their Excellencies the Governor-General of Australia and Mrs Hurley as our inaugural joint patrons.

Wollongong sustainability social enterprise Green Connectis honoured to announce that His Excellency the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd),Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley will become our inaugural joint patrons.

“Linda and I have enjoyed getting to know the Green Connect team and are delighted to now serve as joint Patrons. Green Connect has pioneered an innovative approach to sustainability and Linda and I have been impressed with the team’s passion and commitment.”