Here at Green Connect we pride ourselves in the quality of meat we have to offer to our customers

Multiple times a year we have chemical-free and free-range pork and lamb for sale and in our mission to reduce food waste we make sure to not let any part of the animal of the animal go to waste!

Partnering with the talented Cleaver & Co Craft butcher, we ask Lachy (the Butcher) to make 5kg & 10kg packs of different cuts
– so that each of our customers receive a variety of yummy meat to enjoy.

Each 10kg pack includes a pork roast, sausages & mince and each 5kg pack includes a pork roast & mince.
Other cuts included may be:

Pork hocks
Pork Necks
Pork Loin chops
A pork Shoulder
Pork (diced)
Pork spare ribs
A pork chump roast
A stock pack &/or crackling pack with bones, skin & trotters
A lamb leg
Lamb chump chops
Lamb loin chops
Lamb cutlets
A lamb shoulder
Or, Lamb ribs.

You can also pre-order a whole or half pig in advance of the next butchering

Or you can purchase frozen meat and choose from any available cuts in stock!