Swiss Chard (Silverbeet & Rainbow Chard)

Silverbeet and Rainbow Chard are varieties of Swiss Chard. This humble vegetable is nutrient-rich and delicious when eaten on its own or as an ingredient in a large diversity of dishes.

Swiss chard is a close relatives of beetroot and is a member of the broader Amaranth family of vegetables, which also includes spinach. Silverbeet is grown for its thick white stalks and thick, dark green leaves. Rainbow chard has slightly thinner red, orange and yellow stalks.

All varieties are chard incredibly nutritious with high levels of magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin K, iron, potassium, Vitamin A, copper, zinc, Vitamin C, dietary fibres and Vitamin E. Phew, that’s quite the list!

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Storage & Preparation

Silverbeet and Rainbow Chard will last up to 5 days in the crisper in your fridge. Maximise freshness by placing it in a reused plastic bag or large sealed container. There is no need to wash it until you are ready to prepare and eat it.

There are so many ways you can eat rainbow chard or silverbeet! You can eat it the same way as you would eat spinach. This includes eating it raw in a salads sandwiches, wraps, or blended in a smoothie. More often though, it is eaten cooked and it can be braised, boiled, or sautéed, added to soups, frittatas, pies, quiches, pastas, gratins, casseroles, or a huge range of other dishes. For a simple dish, try sautéing the leaves and stems with garlic and olive oil and serving with a squeeze of lemon juice and some steamed fish or a poached egg or just on its own.

See the recipes below for some inspiration.


Appetizers & Side Dishes

Silverbeet, Broccoli, Apple Salad
This creamy no-cook vegetarian salad is also healthy, being low in saturated fat and sodium.

Silverbeet & Potato Soup
Vegan and gluten-free super creamy and simple nourishing silverbeet and potato soup that is perfect for those cooler days.

Swiss Chard & Tahini Sip
If you love hummus or baba ghanoush, this dairy-free dip will become a new favourite.

Lebanese-stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves
These healthy and tasty treats include a stuffing of parsley, tomato, onion, mint, lemon juice and olive oil.


Silverbeet and Mushroom Pasta
This simple pasta can be prepared quickly for an easy midweek meal. You can include the silverbeet or rainbow chard stems by chopping them finely and cooking them with the onion.

Saag Panner
Enjoy this Indian dish made with lightly-spiced, creamy leafy greens and fried paneer. It’s best when served with basmati rice or roti.

Silverbeet & Cheese Slab Pie
This delicious take on pizza can be further simplified by using puff pastry crust and omitting the polenta. It’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!

Swiss Chard, Leek and Sweet Potato Frittata
A simple, seasonal frittata that is delicious warm or cold and keeps well for several days.

Silverbeet Wraps with Peanut Sauce
The nutrition of silverbeet greens combined with fresh seasonal vegetables makes this nutrient dense recipe an easy choice. A simple peanut dipping sauce adds a Thai inspired flavour to this simple dish.

Swiss Chard and Chickpea Stew
This nourishing stew that can be ready in 30 minutes is the answer to your midweek comfort-food dreams. Serve as-is, with a dollop of natural yoghurt, or some buttered crusty bread.


Tropical Swiss Chard Smoothie
Drink your greens! A vibrant green smoothie with mango, banana, and coconut.