Thank you to everyone in Wollongong who voted for us as part of My Community Project. Thanks to you, the NSW Government is going to fund a children’s play area and kids activities on the Green Connect farm!

Here’s a bit more about our project, called “Fun on the farm”:

We live in a world that is disconnected from nature and from where our food comes from. Through an educational play area and hands-on activities on an 11-acre farm, this project will re-connect children and families with plants, animals, food systems and lots of mud. Messy play, healthy curiosity, exploration and experimentation will be encouraged, providing physical exercise, social connections and an appreciation for the natural world.

Research has shown that outdoor play and connecting with nature significantly improves health and wellbeing. An understanding and appreciation for plants and animals also leads to a better relationship with food and the planet. Children will gain knowledge, confidence and connections to nature and to other people. This will benefit the entire community through greater understanding and better emotional, mental and physical health.

We will build an educational play area at the Green Connect Farm in Warrawong, where kids can explore, experiment with nature and engage in messy play. We will design and implement workshops and activities to teach children about plants, animals and where food comes from in a fun and hands-on way. This will be led by a Coordinator, co-designed with the community and fully launched by February 2020.

We look forward to turning our “Fun on the farm” plans into reality and welcoming lots of kids in to the farm to explore nature and learn where food comes from over the next 12 months. We’ll keep you updated as the project happens!

Thanks again, Wollongong and Service NSW.

More information about our project can be found on the My Community Project website.