Today we had the honour of attending a very special meeting between Wollongong City Council, His Excellency Governor General of Australia David Hurley and Her Excellency Linda Hurley, and community organisations making our region more sustainable.

Kylie Flament, our General Manager, spoke to Their Excellencies about our work. They were very interested in our work at large music festivals and other events in particular where we’re significantly reducing waste by working with organisers to change what is coming in, and handsorting waste at the events to recycle and compost as much as possible. We talked about the great work being done by events like last weekend’s Yours & Owls Festival, where we ended up cancelling some of the rubbish skips we had ordered because there was so little waste (very exciting!).

We’re thrilled that the Governor General and his wife are so passionate about sustainability. Having such high profile individuals asking what we are doing to tackle plastic pollution, carbon footprints and climate change further builds momentum for a more mindful consumption of resources.