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Don’t underestimate the humble leek. This delicious vegetable has a mild, somewhat sweet, and onion-y flavour and adds depth to a huge range of meals as an onion alternative. It can also shine as a star ingredient. 

A member of the allium family, leeks are related to onions, shallots, chives, and garlic. They look a bit like a large green onion, except bigger and without a large round bulb. Most recipes focus on the white stalk because of it’s softer texture, but the green leaves are also delicious and edible!

Leeks have been called a superfood and have proven popular with many celebrity chefs. They may offer a variety of health benefits thanks to their high levels of flavonoids, vitamins A, E, and K, and fibers.

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Storage & Preparation

Leeks should be stored in the veggie crisper of your fridge with the roots and leaves intact. They can absorb ordours and flavour from neighbouring veggies, so you may wish to place them in a reused plastic bag to isolate them. If leeks are fresh they should stay fresh stored this way between 1-2 weeks.

When preparing leeks, it is generally recommended to remove the root end and then cut the stalk lengthwise so you can first rince away any soil or dirt that inevitably gets stuck between the green leaves. You may wish to remove the very tops of the green leaves as they can be a bit woody and fibrous (though these can be used to add flavour to stalks, soups and sauces). You can then slice the leek thinly against the grain or keep them whole for cooking.

Leeks can be used in the same way as onions or shallots in most recipes; they are great in soups, stews, pastas, risottos, and more! Because of their most mild flavour, they can also be grilled or roasted on their own to create a delicious side dish.

See the recipes below for a bit of inspiration.



Carrot, Leek, and Potato Soup
This warm, hearty and comforting Vegan Potato, Leek, Carrot Soup is flavourful and easy to prepare. It’s also dairy-free and gluten-free.

white bowl with yellow-coloured soup containing pieces of carrot, zucchini, leek and potato

Roasted Leek, Rocket and Sweet Potato Salad
This healthy and hearty salad makes a delicious starter or side for a main meal.

Leek and Potato Soup
Leek and Potato Soup is a thick and creamy classic French Potato Soup. It’s simple to make, cosy and comforting yet also luxurious and elegant.

Potato leek soup in ladel


Puff Pastry Squares with Zucchini, Leek, Tomato & Feta
A quick and easy recipe for that will be popular with kids and adults. Substitute the veggies based on what you have available. Serve with a green salad for a delicious brunch, lunch, or light dinner.

Leek and Zucchini Quiche
This leek and courgette quiche is a makeover recipe with less saturated fat, fewer calories and less sodium than traditional recipes. A fantastic vegetarian recipe that’s high in calcium and can be made gluten free.

Potato Leek Cornish Pasty
This cheater Cornish Pasty recipe is made easy with store-bought puff pastry sheets. The creamy potato leek filling is roasted on a sheet pan with fresh thyme, and tossed with heavy cream and layered with cheddar cheese. A modern twist on an English classic!

rectangle puff pastry cut open so you can see that it is stuffed with thinly sliced potatoes, leeks and onions

Pumpkin, Spinach, Leek and Lentil Soup
This soup is a hearty vegan one-pot soup with lentils, pumpkin, leek and spinach. Great for a cold winter day!

Smoky Lentil Stew with Leeks and Potatoes
Rustic with deep flavour, this stew improves after a day in the fridge. Make the whole recipe, and eat it over several days — or freeze it for later.


Turkish-Style Braised Leeks
This easy leeks recipe features tender leeks and carrots braised in a flavorful olive oil sauce with garlic. All you need alongside this leeks recipe is a wedge of lemon and a few slices of crusty, rustic bread to sop up the delicious olive oil sauce.

Buttered Leeks
A simple recipe with just 3 ingredients that uses both the stalk and the green leaves. This recipe is ripe for experimentation and customization: Add black pepper, chile, vinegar, or fresh or dried herbs.

Roasted Leeks
These roasted leeks make a delicious, sweet and comforting side dish. This simple recipe featuring paprika is full of flavour.