Before you book:

  • The site is a working farm and visitors must participate in a safety briefing before entering.
  • The terrain at the farm is particularly steep and slippery in parts. The guided tour involves a moderately strenuous walk and is not accessible for prams, wheelchairs, or people with moderate mobility issues. Infants will need to be carried. If anyone in your group isn’t able to participate in the tour, they are welcome to stay in the party space during the tour time.
  • Plants love rain and so do we! We don’t cancel events in wet weather unless there is a dangerous storm. Rain (and mud!) is all part of the fun.
  • Allergen advice: Our farm is home to domestic animals as well as bees, wasps, and macadamia trees. Please pack an EpiPen if allergic and keep it with you at all times.

All farm visitors must:

  • Wear enclosed shoes or boots (no thongs or sandals allowed) and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Long pants are recommended.
  • Bring a hat and sunscreen or rain gear, depending on the weather forecast.

Su Meh’s Flower Garden

Our goal is to raise enough funds to allow us to start building a brand-new flower garden at our Farm to help grow our budding flower and foliage business! To do this we need your help to raise $3,800!

The Story

Green Connect has been selling flowers for a few years now. It started as small bunches at our Op Shop and at a local Farmer’s Market and has grown into bouquets as an add-on option for our weekly veg boxes and are being sold at online farmer’s markets too.
Presently, Su Meh struggles to find enough flowers and foliage on the farm to fulfil orders; she often spends a lot of time walking the whole farm and the area around it to do so and we’d love to make that easier for her.


The Solution
There is some open space just inside our front gate that we would love to transform into a flower garden that will allow us the new garden beds to grow both flowers and foliage to fulfil our orders without having to send Su Meh out on a scavenger hunt to find them all. The flower garden will also give some of our less mobile volunteers a chance to work in the garden without having to stray too far from our farm hub.

We need your help
We’ve been wanting to build this flower garden for a little while, but just haven’t had the funds to make this a reality.  But just recently we’ve partnered with Jack Johnson’s Ohana Foundation, through his upcoming concert tour, and they are willing to match donations for us.
As an All-at-Once Non-Profit Partner if we can raise a total of $2500US by the end of this year (December 31) they’ll also give us another $2500US towards the project as well.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.