Green Connect has collected information in Swahili to help our Swahili-speaking staff and community. Click on the green links to get more information. Please tell us if there are other websites, videos or documents that you would like us to include.

Please access SBS Language | Taarifa Kuhusu Coronavirus COVID-19 for timely and reliable information in your language.

This Facebook page also has good information in many languages: NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service | Facebook.



COVID-19 Messages – Swahili

Swahili COVID Messaging FINAL

No visitors during public health order

Stay at home order

 Public Health and Government Rules

Sheria za COVID-19


Financial support:

COVID disaster payment

COVID-19 Disaster Payment – 10072021 – Swahili (

Financial and Mental Health Support: 

NSW Financial and Mental Health support-Swahili


Mental Health:

Please visit Embrace Multicultural Mental Health Project to access mental health resources:

Translated Content | Embrace Multicultural Mental Health (


School Information

Learning From Home Information

Learning From Home in Case of School Closure

COVID-19 Advice for Families

Covid-19 advice for families – School operations in Greater Sydney

Telephone Interpreter Service


Stay Safe


Vaccinations Story in Swahili:

Federal Government Information on Vaccinations:

Chanjo za COVID-19 | Australian Government Department of Health

Is the vaccination safe? – Swahili

covid-19-vaccination-je-ninawezaje-kupata-chanjo-yangu-top-questions-how-can-i-book-my-covid-19-vaccine-je-ninawezaje-kupata-chanjo-yangu.pdf (

What is the COVID-19 Vaccine? Is it safe? – Swahili (

Vaccination Video – Swahili

Why to take the vaccination – Swahili

covid-19-vaccination-kwa-nini-nipate-chanjo-ya-covid-19-why-should-i-get-the-covid-19-vaccine-kwa-nini-nipate-chanjo-ya-covid-19.pdf (

Useful Information on vaccination:

Editorial – Useful information on the COVID-19 vaccines – 24062021 – Swahili (

6 Steps to approve vaccinations – Swahili

6 steps to approve a vaccine – Swahili (

How to access a vaccination – Swahili

Who will get the Covid19 vaccine and where – 14062021 – Swahili (

After your vaccination – Swahili

After your vaccination – Swahili (

How to get proof of your COVID-19 Vaccinations

Pata uthibitisho wa chanjo yako ya COVID-19

Vaccination Glossary of Terminology

swahili-covid-glossary.pdf (


Stay Safe Advice:

Avoid large family gatherings:

Help Us Stop the Spread:

help-us-stop-the-spread-burmese-karen-swahili-tibetan.pdf (

Help Us Stop the Spread (video):

Stop the spread of COVID-19

How to wear a mask (video)

Swahili – Face Mask Rules

Sheria za kinyago cha uso

Swahili – COVID-SAFE Video

Keep yourself and loved ones safe:

Avoid Large Family Gathering

Looking after your mental health:

poster-mental-health-swahili.pdf (


Get Tested

Testing Fact Sheet

testing-swahili.pdf (

Symptoms& Testing

testing-poster-burmese-karen-swahili-tibetan.pdf (

Getting Tested is Safe


Testing is Free

Testing is Simple

Testing is Safe

If your test is positive, a health worker will call you


General COVID Information

Australian Government: Department of Home Affairs:

Habari katika lugha yako | COVID-19 In Your Language (

Physical Distancing:

poster-distancing-swahili.pdf (

Who to Call:

poster-call-swahili.pdf (

Religious Services During COVID-19 Outbreaks

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Serbisyong relihiyoso sa panahon ng coronavirus (Religious services during COVID-19 outbreaks) | Australian Government Department of Health