• Looking for a hands-on teambuilding activity that makes a difference? We offer corporate days on the Green Connect farm in Warrawong, working alongside the young people and former refugees that we employ, to plant, weed, water, prune, mulch or otherwise contribute to the development of our permaculture wonderland! With two creeklines of native plants, a growing market garden and food forest with 55 varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs, and lots of animals, there's plenty for your staff to help with. Come get your hands dirty!  
  • The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world, but it doesn't have to be! Find out the meaning of sustainable fashion and ways to shop more consciously, knowing what to buy and where. This live online workshop will provide you with a number of tips and resources to help you buy well, wear well and love your clothes that little bit longer. Scroll down for more info.  Tickets close 12:30pm on the day so be quick!  
  • Our Garden Consultations can help you design and build a practical backyard permaculture system in your own garden. We can also offer advice, help out with pest control or weed problems, or help you tackle any issues you are facing in your existing garden. We are offering this service in person, or if you prefer, online, so you can get help and advice from our experienced Zer0 Waste Manager, Jacqui, from the safety of your own home.  Please read the full description below.  
  • School of Green Living is a mixed bunch of topics taught by the experts at Green Connect. If you are a complete beginner gardener and want to grow your skills as well as your herbs then this live online series is for you! Sign up to hear our expert permaculturalists Ange and Jacqui walk you through the basic skills that will get you backyard gardening with confidence and prepared for Spring. With the Winter cold settling in, now is the perfect time to make plans, learn simple skills and start thinking long-term to ensure the success of your edible garden. A 4-part webinar series on Saturdays 9:30 - 11:00 am Just $30 each all four for the special price of $90 (be quick!)
    • June 27: Small Space Gardening with Angela Cook
    • July 4: Seed Saving with Jacqui Besgrove
    • July 11: All About Compost with Jacqui Besgrove
    • July 18: Backyard Chickens with Jacqui Besgrove
    Scroll down for more info on each topic. 
    Tickets close 8pm the night before so be quick!
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    School of Green Living is a mixed bunch of topics taught by the experts: you ask the questions and we'll share what we know! At Green Connect, we’re branching out to help you in the garden and around the house! With interest in sustainable living on the rise, School of Green Living aims to share our skills and knowledge that will empower you to implement changes to create a more sustainable household and community. The School of Green Living draws on Green Connect’s nine years of experience working in sustainability and will present a range of topics. Each topic will be taught by one of the experts on our team. We’re here to share what we know about:
    • Growing chemical free vegetables and herbs
    • Making tasty meals out of local, seasonal produce
    • Zero-waste living
    • Caring for chickens, bees and other farm animals
    • Permaculture principles and methods
    • Household sustainability
    • Sustainable fashion
    Scroll down for more info about this week's topic.  Tickets close 8pm the night before so be quick!