Green Connect has collected information in Kinyamulenge to help our Kinyamulenge-speaking staff and community. Click on the green links to get more information. Please tell us if there are other websites, videos or documents that you would like us to include.

This Facebook page also has good information in many languages: NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service | Facebook.


Stay Safe Advice

Covid Safe Video:

Stay at Home advice:

Please find the video from Claude Muco talking about Stay at home:

COVID-19 Information – Kinyamulenge

Get Vaccinated Advice

Advice for Schooling (from Green Connect, 27 July 2021)

If your child cannot learn at home (e.g. they cannot understand their schoolwork, you are not able to help them, they do not have what they need such as good internet and a computer at home, or it is too stressful for your family) then you can send them to school. All schools are open for children who need to be there.  If you need support, contact Green Connect and we will help speak to the school.

Niba umwana wawe adashobora kwiga murugo (urugero: ntibashobora kumva akazi kabo k’ishuri, ntushobora kubafasha, ntibafite ibyo bakeneye nka interineti nziza na komputa murugo, cyangwa birahangayikishije iso cangwa nyoko ) noneho  urashobora kubohereza mwishuri.  Amashuri yose arakinguye kubana bakeneye kuba bahari.

Niba ukeneye inkunga, hamagara Green Connect hanyuma tuzafasha kuvugana nishuri.