Personal protective equipment, uniforms and other work clothes are often branded and when brands change or projects end, it needs to be securely destroyed. Rather than shredding it and/or sending it to landfill, could it be debranded and reused or repurposed? We are keen to do a pilot project to explore this.

Do you know of a company with excess PPE or other clothing in good to excellent condition that might want to participate?

They would:
– Send us up to 200 pieces of PPE or other clothing
– Contribute a small amount to cover labour costs to debrand (current projections are around $2 per item)

We would:
– Remove and destroy logos
– Sew appropriate patches over small holes where logos have been removed, or find ways of repurposing material from garments that cannot be fixed
– Use the recovered or repurposed PPE or clothing articles within Green Connect or sell them through our op shop

For more information or to express interest, please contact us via [email protected].