I’m sure, like me, your inbox is full of end-of-year newsletters so this is just a quick one from me to say…


Thank you to all of our staff, volunteers, customers, funders, donors and supporters. As I said in our recent virtual tour, Green Connect is what it is because of people. Thousands of people. People who have voted with their feet, wallets, time and energy to say “yes, this is what we want the future to look like – more jobs, less waste and fair food”. Thank you!


I hope that despite all the difficulties this year, you can each enjoy some safe downtime with loved ones and good food this holiday season.


If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas, our op shop in Unanderra is open until 12.30pm tomorrow (then closed until 9am Monday 4 Jan) and is giving away Christmas items with every purchase.


Alternatively we have lots of vouchers online – for tours and workshops, veg boxes, op shop vouchers, or you can donate a chicken, sponsor a tree, make a donation to support our work donate a veg box to someone in need.


Thank you once again for being part of the Green Connect community. We’re lucky to be surrounded by such amazing human beings.


Go well.