Green Connect is proud to be able to offer locally produced, chemical-free, free-range pork from our farm in Warrawong

For the last 4 years, we have kept pigs on the Green Connect farm, they’ve been a great addition to our workforce. They root around in the ground, digging up roots and plants and fertilising the ground as they go. Using animals as part of the permaculture process is a great way of diversifying the use of the land. 

Our pigs are rotated around the farm, where they have huge areas to graze and explore. They are fed vegetable and fruit scraps from the farm, and seem to go especially crazy for banana peel and pumpkins, but will eat pretty much anything that comes their way.

It is important for all of us who work at the farm that our animals are treated with respect and care. A lot of our customers and supporters are vegetarians and vegans and we are sometimes asked why we decide to process our pigs and sell them for meat.  We understand that this is sometimes a sensitive subject and although we are well aware of the environmental issues around meat production, particularly large-scale, we know that there is still a demand for meat in our community and that small-scale is a better option for people, animals and the environment.

At Green Connect we produce food to the highest ethical standards, supporting former refugees and young people, making the land we use better than when we arrived and feeding our community. Keeping pigs on the farm has become an essential part of our ecosystem and they help us with the maintenance of our soil. The pigs also give us an opportunity to create an additional income for the farm that we can use in our work helping former refugees and young people on their path to employment.  

We believe in encouraging the reduction of meat consumption, but if you are choosing to eat meat, make it the right kind of meat. Make sure to support your local farmer, community and the businesses that are going out of their way to supply sustainable, ethical meat. That is exactly what our free-range pork is! 

That is also why we have teamed up with Cleaver and Co Craft Butchery in Gwynneville. Lachy the owner and butcher is very passionate about sourcing ethically raised free-range meat and producing as little waste as possible.

Our pork packs are available for pre-order now to be picked up from Cleaver and Co between 20 and 23 November.
Each pack includes mince, sausages as well as one or more of the cuts below:

  • Pork Shanks
  • Pork Neck
  • Pork Shoulder
  • Pork Chump
  • Loin Chops
  • Spare Ribs
  • Pork Belly
  • Stock and Crackling pack (10kg packs only)

 Pre-orders are essential so book here