Rolling out the Green Carpet

The past few months have been a wild ride for everyone the world over, and it’s been no different here at Green Connect farm. But while chaos rains down in the outside world, our team has been hard at work setting up our new farm hub – a hub that includes farm sheds and indoor work spaces for our staff and volunteers, a washing and packing area for our veggies, an education center, a kids garden, and a demonstration permaculture garden

Six months ago, this side of the farm was a shabby-looking hill plagued by waste from historic illegal dumping. It’s hard to describe how excited and proud we all feel to have turned it into a space that will be a center for demonstrating and sharing sustainable solutions to many of the world’s problems. We’ve been plugging away at the kids garden for some time, carefully designing and establishing a space that allows kids to experience nature in a way that is challenging, safe and fun. The kids garden merges into our permaculture demonstration garden, where we aim to demonstrate the very best of what we do in a way that is accessible to people who want to grow food or live sustainably but don’t have twelve acres to work with.

A couple of weeks ago we rolled out the turf that kids will play on and people will picnic on in the future, which really tied the whole area together. It has been hard holding in our excitement as we’ve watched this space turn into what we’ve dreamed about for so long and worked so hard to achieve. Our dreams are turning into realities and we can’t thank our supporters enough!

We hope we can invite our community of veg box customers, and other members of our community down to enjoy and celebrate this space very soon.


Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Managerin your box

What’s that in my box

Kohlrabi tastes like a mild radish or cabbage and it has been a staple of German cuisine for hundreds of years – the German translation of kohlrabi is “cabbage turnip”. Peel, like an onion, until you reach a crispy layer and serve raw in salads or cooked in roasts, curries or sautés. For more information on how to store & cook any of our vegetables, visit: and type in the veggie you’re looking for.

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