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One of the great privileges of managing the Green Connect farm is being able to witness people we work with finding their feet and growing as workers and as individuals.

Having worked with a diverse mix of young people and former refugees over the last seven years, I have come to realise that everyone we work with has walked a different path to get to Green Connect, and everyone gains something different and unique from their time here.

I first met Cory as a student at our partner school Warrawong High. He was part of a large cohort who did a two-week year 10 work experience stint with us. Having a large cohort is always a wild time, and I remember this group being particularly intense. Two years later, Cory got back in contact, wanting to work with us. He had come to a bit of a cross-roads at school and wanted to make a start in the workforce in a meaningful way.

For the last six months, Cory has been working with us on Fridays, and has become an integral part of our team. Watching him take feedback onboard, work hard on himself, and continue to grow has been awesome. The diversity of characters we have at Green Connect is one of our strengths, and Cory is always chirping away, contributing positively to the team dynamics.

With so many young people and former refugees seeking similar opportunities to Cory, our goal at Green Connect is to help develop people’s capacities in nurturing environments such as the farm or the Op-shop, and then help to transition them into employment in our staffing solutions team, where they work with some of our partner businesses out in the community. This then gives space for other people to come through in their wake. Cory is going to be doing his first shift as part of our staffing solution team over the next couple of weeks, and I am sure will become a valuable member of this growing part of our enterprise!

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