September Farm Update

The birth of two kid goats has been a source of great excitement and entertainment for everyone at the farm. We welcomed a pure white boy named Finn, and a little black girl with a white star on her forehead named Evie. ‘Kid goat cuddling’ is an official farm volunteer role, which really helps us raise tame, friendly goats as we are not bottle feeding. Those veg box customers coming to our afternoon tea on Oct 22nd can meet the duo, and other babies that are due soon, for themselves!

Whilst they are young, the kids are being protected from fox attack by two farm alpacas; Peppino and Quilpie. The alpacas are looking very attractive right now, however shearing is booked for the end of October so their fluffy appearance will soon be exchanged for a much scrawnier, summer look.

With warmer weather, bee activity will increase around the farm and we are looking forward to increased honey production. The pigs continue to enjoy their favourite pastime (eating) and absolutely love veg box pack day, when they get to munch on loads of delicious veg scraps & trimmings.

With stage one of the chook run project complete, we have been able to welcome 80 new chooks to the farm and we were so excited to get the first two eggs from them just this week! With over 100 square metres of fox-proof run finished, we will now work towards completing another two runs so that we can rotate the chooks between runs and grow food crops for them in the ‘resting’ runs. I’m extremely grateful our renovated chook house now has a normal roof height (the repeated head knocks were seriously unfunny), but slightly disappointed the chooks aren’t using our beautiful new roosts made from bamboo sourced around the farm. It seems they have been raised in a barn environment without roosts; we remain hopeful that nature will kick in though.

We’d love to see you at the customer afternoon tea on October 22nd from 2-4pm. RSVP at We hope you can make it!


Emily Henderson
Fair Food and Farm Manager

In your box this week:

Note: We sometimes need to make changes to what we pack in your veg box based on the quantity or quality of produce that we can harvest and source. If you have any questions about what is in your box, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Feature Veg: Fennel

large white fennel bulb and stalks, sitting on bed of green fennel stalks and leavesA relative of carrots and celery, fennel is known for its large white bulb, feathery leaves, and aromatic aniseed flavour, which mellows when cooked. The bulb can be shredded in salads, sautéed, or roasted as a side dish, or cooked into soups and sauces. The fronds can be added to salsas, stocks, dressings, dips, eggs, roast veggies, seared meats & more. Store your fennel loosely wrapped in a damp tea towel in your veggie crisper.


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