Our ‘Zero Waste’ mission

recycling bins at music festival

Reducing waste from landfill is one of Green Connect’s core missions. This goal is best illustrated by our zero-waste team, which works with local councils, festivals, and businesses to reduce and redirect their waste to appropriate recycling streams. Even though this work has been hit hard by COVID, we still foster a zero-waste approach to everything we do. This includes recycling of all organic waste back into the soil at the farm and giving as many items as possible a new life through our op-shop.

There is a big way that veg box customers can help us in our zero-waste mission. Our waxed cardboard boxes that hold fruit and veggies for veg boxes are specifically designed to be reused many times. So please don’t waste them! If you have your box delivered to your home, please leave your box out the following week for Jaycob, James, or Bree to pick it up. If you pick your box up from one of our legendary pick-up hubs, you can drop off last week’s box to be reused in future weeks.

green connect staff at zero waste event

In relation to this, I also wanted to re-emphasise our COVID safe planning and what we are doing to ensure our service is safe for the community at this time. Our procedures ensure that the shortest period between a box going from one customer to another is thirteen days. The advice that we have received is that this poses no risk in the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Our plan also ensures that all packing and delivery staff wear masks and use hand sanitiser while handling our produce or boxes.

The other way we can strive towards our zero-waste mission is to eat ‘root to leaf’. So don’t forget that this week’s turnip leaves can be used as a mustard green! We are also including choy flowers in some of our bigger boxes, which come highly recommended by senior farm hands Eh Moo and Shay, who like to use them as edible flowers in a salad or a stir-fry.


Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Manager


In your box:grid of produce for 20210811 veg boxes

Note: We sometimes need to make changes to what we pack in your veg box based on the quantity or quality of produce that we can harvest and source. If you have any questions about what is in your veg box, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Did you know?

Choy Flowers: Choy flowers are produced by a range of mustard relatives after the plant has done its thing and starts to go to seed. The green flowers are somewhat sturdy and, like young broccoli, take well to being lightly sautéed or added into soups. The yellow flowers are delicate in size and texture, but bold in flavour and make an excellent to salad or stir-fry. The choy flowers in this week’s veg boxes come from the mizuna plant and are too good to be wasted!


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