Hitchhikers in the box!snail

It’s ben wet! Very wet!

While we always need to be appreciative of the rain we get (especially after going through what we went through last summer), there’s no denying that the last couple of weeks has been a slog.

Anyone who has visited the farm will know that the hills are steep, and the ground is uneven. Rain like this turns our hills into slip-and-slides that make hauling 120 boxes worth of vegetables, doing all the work that needs to be done to maintain our crops, and caring for our animals incredibly difficult. But not everyone struggles in the rain.

The snail population has been booming like crazy, and despite our best attempts to wash them out of our veggies – I’m sure that some of you will find one of these guys has caught a ride from the farm to your fridge!

As a chemical-free farm, we are always going to have snail populations boom when it rains. We can usually control these with an organically approved product called iron chelate. However, these pellets are water soluble, so it works really well when we lay it down after the rain – but not so well when the rain doesn’t let up. It’s good to know though, that these guys don’t pose a risk to human health, and can simply be picked off the veg and fed to the birds. Although we never intend to give anyone snails – we do like to think of their presence as an unintentional advertisement of our chemical free practices.


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What’s that in my box: Some describe Kohlrabi’s taste like a broccoli stem, a mild radish, or a cabbage and it is a staple veg in Germany. You can eat the leaf, stem, and bulb of this plant so nothing goes to waste. The Kohlrabi we grow can get quite large so it might be best to make a few meals with the one plant. You can cook the greens and stem like kale or silver beet, and for the bulb just be sre to peel it first before you roast, sauté, pickle, or shred it. For more information on how to store & cook any of our vegetables, visit: https://draxe.com/ and type in the veggie you’re looking for.

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