~Interview with our Fair Food Coordinator Isabel~

How did you get involved with Green Connect?

I started volunteering at the farm in January 2018. I’d heard about their urban farm through my family and I knew that they worked with former refugees so I was excited to get involved, particularly because I was studying International Studies and majoring in Global Sustainable Development.

How long have you been involved?

I volunteered at the farm for a couple of months in 2018 and then I was employed as a zero waste team member towards the end of that year. I was in that position for a couple of months before I resigned (as I found that the work was too labor intensive for me), but I stayed on as a volunteer helping my fellow employees with their training – as most of the former refugees needed some extra assistance with their English and I was happy to help. I was then contacted at the beginning of 2020 for an opportunity to help the Fair Food Coordinator as a volunteer and this soon turned into an 8-week casual contract. I then applied for the Fair Food Coordinator position after Kristin Watson announced she was moving to Tasmania.

Tell me about your transition from volunteer to Fair Food Coordinator?

I decided to volunteer because I knew that with COVID, Green Connect didn’t have any paid opportunities and they needed help to deal with an overflow of veg-box customers. I enjoyed learning the ropes and helped ease the weekly load. When Kristin resigned, I was covering her role while the position was being advertised. I took that time as an opportunity to prove that I was capable of innovation and spent time looking into different ways we could improve our systems. I then applied for the role and was successful and I am still innovating as much as I can!

What is your favourite part about working here?

I love the ethics of the team and the organisation. Being able to work from the farm and know that we are contributing to a fairer society that gives support to former refugees and young people and does so with the environment in mind.

What does this job mean to you?

This job means a career for me. As a freshly graduated university student, I am so happy to be working in a role that is in line with my qualifications and passions. I am learning new things everyday and surprising myself with my capability to get the job done.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future, I would like to start my own small-scale farm and to create a business that prioritises community and environment as much as Green Connect does.


Thanks for telling us a bit about your role as Fair Food Coordinator Isabel!