Cliodhna’s care for customerscliodhna

Cliodhna joined our team almost a year ago as one of our junior farm hands. She began working in the market garden, but quickly got scooped up in all the craziness (and fun) of setting up our new kids garden, demonstration garden, and education space. She played a leading role in setting up this new space, including coordinating the painting of the shipping containers, which includes some awesome artwork that she designed with a couple of the other team members.

Having shown that she can really take responsibility for a task, Cliodhna has now become the person who checks over the boxes as we pack them, ensuring that everyone gets what they’ve ordered, and that everyone’s exclusions are taken care of.

farm hubIt’s been a bit of a revelation having Cliodhna in this role, as it’s so awesome having someone who takes such care

in their work, and in turn takes good care of our beloved customers! ordered, and that everyone’s exclusions are taken care of.


Cal Champagne


In your box:

What’s that in my box:

Turnips are a great source of vitamin C, helping to boost your immune system as we head into winter. They can be eaten raw (in a salad), pickled, boiled, grilled, or sautéed. Although they can taste a little bitter raw, cooking turnips with seasoning or coupling them with some garlic is a great idea as this root veg absorbs flavour very well! For more information on how to store & cook any of our vegetables, visit: and type in the veggie you’re looking for.

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