Spring Flowering

There comes a time every spring when we get a sudden change from cool weather to heat waves,
and all the vegetables tflowering veghat were planted and grown in the cool of winter go into shock. This shock can often make them ‘bolt’ to flower. This flowering represents the vegetables feeling threatened and they decide to put energy into reproducing seeds rather than producing leaf or roots, meaning that they often get leggy and bitter.

Vegetables that bolt to flower are typically viewed as a waste product and we used to view them as such too, ripping them out when they began to flower and feeding them to the animals or composting them.

But a number of years ago when we were discarding an entire crop of boc choy that was going to flower, Bu Ree, one of our farm staff, pointed out that in his culture the flowers of the boc choy are widely viewed as the tastiest part of the plant, and go great thrown in to a stir-fry at the last minute.

So now every year we celebrate these flowers and share them with our customers to enjoy this little kitchen hack!

Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Manager

In your box this week:

in your box this week




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There are many health benefits to eating Fennel and it has been used medicinally since Roman times, this veg has a flavour similar to anise and works well in soups and sautés to add a touch of flare to any dish. Add this zingy veg for health benefits relating to sight, digestion and disease prevention!
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