Flowers all around

People who have visited the farm will know that the area we cultivate for growing vegetables is only about one quarter of the farm’s land. The rest of it is a combination of food forests and biodiversity strips that have animals moving through them on a rotational basis.

In many of our non-productive zones we’ve been planting a range of plants, often to stabilise steep banks, keep weeds at bay, and encourage biodiversity. This year, we’ve really noticed the blossoming of flowers all around the farm and it’s a fantastic reward for all of our hard work. Not only are these flowers good for bringing in beneficial insects and birds, but they also look beautiful, and really give our staff and volunteers a lift while we are working around the site.

Su Meh has also started bunching them to sell at the Green Connect Op-Shop and the Kiama Farmer’s Markets, and they’ve been a massive hit!su meh with flowers

This week, we thought we would share nature’s beauty with our beloved veg box customers.
We hope that the flowers you receive in your box brighten up your home and your day!

Thanks for the ongoing support.

Cal Champagne

Green Connect Farm Manager

In your box:

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What’s that in my box: Some describe Kohlrabi’s taste like a broccoli stem, a mild radish, or a cabbage and it is a staple veg in Germany. You can eat the leaf, stem, and bulb of this plant so nothing goes to waste. The Kohlrabi we grow can get quite large so it might be best to make a few meals with the one plant. You can cook the greens and stem like kale or silver beet, and for the bulb just be sure to peel it first before you roast, sauté, pickle, or shred it. For more information on how to store & cook any of our vegetables, visit: and type in the veggie you’re looking for.

You can find all of our recipes here!