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Here at Green Connect, we’re passionate about transforming our food system and helping people eat more sustainably. We do this by selling chemical-free food from our farm and by helping people grow their own food. Can we support you in your home growing journey?


Build your skills and knowledge!

Join us for one of our upcoming workshops and get hands on with knowledgeable and passionate facilitators, including former Green Connect Farm Manager Cal Champagne! There are a variety of useful topics coming up to get you growing with confidence. Visit www.green-connect.com.au/workshops for more info and to book.

  • Edible Australian Native Plants (Narelle Happ) – Sat 26th March
  • Grow your own Vegetables and Herbs (Cal Champagne) – Sat 2nd April
  • A Taste of Permaculture (Cal Champagne) – Sun 3rd April
  • In depth Beekeeping (Claire Brown) – Sat 30th April
  • Composting and Worm Farming (Rod Logan) – Sat 7th May
  • No-dig, small space gardening (Narelle Happ) – Sat 28th May


Build your garden!Nikolas (Karenni staff member) working in a backyard garden next to some raised garden beds

Our skilled Gardening & Landscaping Team team can help you clean up your garden with a Garden Blitzes or advise on how to design a garden that will make the most of your space through a Backyard Garden Consultation. Visit more https://green-connect.com.au/garden-services/ for more information.

For those who can’t grow their own food, you can do the next best thing and buy your produce from a local farm! Thanks for all of your support.


Lindsay Burlton
Fair Food Coordintor



In your box this week:

Updated Grid of what we're planning on packing in veg boxes on 22-23 March 2022

Note: We sometimes need to make changes to what we pack in your veg box based on the quantity or quality of produce that we can harvest and source. If you have any questions about what is in your box, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Did you know?

Leeks are part of the allium family and are related to onions, shallots, chives, and garlic. They have a sweet, mild, onion flavour and are much more versatile than most people think! You can use them in the same way as onions or shallots in most recipes and are great in soups, stews, pastas, risottos, and more. They can also be grilled or roasted on their own to create a delicious side dish. Leeks last up to 2 weeks in the veggie crisper in the fridge and should be cut and washed well before cooking.

You can find all of our recipes here!

You can find more information about ordering a veg box here!