Meet two of the wonderful women at Green Connect. Ama (left) and Su Meh (right) are two long-term employees who have stepped up into leadership positions. Now they are helping to support and build capacity among our less experienced staff.

Ama Folly Bebe has been working for Green Connect since 2011. She is a former refugee from Ghana, but grew up in Togo. She works at the Green Connect farm and in the Zero Waste team. At music festivals and large events she leads a team that sorts waste by hand. This means they can make sure every item thrown away is recycled or composted and kept out of landfill.

Su Meh is part of the Karenni minority group and is a former refugee from Burma. She works as a senior farm hand at the Green Connect farm. She helps to grow food, looks after the animals and packs the veggie boxes each week.

Two of the best

Farm manager Cal Champagne says: “Ama and Su are two incredible people to work with, in incredibly different ways. Su is a perfectionist, for example she’s always going above and beyond to finish off whatever job she is doing to absolute perfection. She is diligent, caring and supportive of others, and passionate about what she does. She’s always the one at the farm who holds up the veg box packing line to make sure everything looks as good as it can.

“Ama is funny and strong! All our staff love working with her because she always puts a smile on everyone’s faces with her jokes and commentary. She’s fantastic leading a team at the farm or at a large festival, and constantly has everyone in amazement by insisting on carrying everything on her head across the stretch of the farm.

“It’s a real pleasure having these two on the team. I know they will play a big part in leading our farm into the future.”