Mulberry Madness

su meh with mulberriesAt the farm, the ripening of the mulberries has become a signifier that spring is in full swing. There is one particular tree that has been there since we started, and every year we see more and more of its offspring pop-up around the farm as birds carry the seeds around with them. The sweet berries are a treat to farm staff and volunteers who are lucky enough to be working near one of these trees, and the kids loved them on the farm tours that ran throughout the last school holidays.

Most people are familiar with the fruit of the mulberry tree, but did you know that you can also eat the leaf! This is something we learnt from Su Meh, who insists that it’s a great leafy green to be boiled down and used in a soup or a stir-fry. A bit of research shows that the leaves can also be boiled down and used to create dolmade type wrapped food. The important thing, with whichever way your cooking it, is to really boil it down and discard the water that it was boiled in. Mulberry leaves can also be dried and used as a tea!

This week we are treating all our customers to a taste of these yummy leaves! 

We love to encourage an appreciation for all aspects of fresh food in our community and viewing the leaves of these mulberry trees as a food source helps to build an understanding of how growing our food literacy can support food needs locally.

Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Manager

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