The Taste of Summer

We hope you, and all of your families had a great Christmas, and are gearing up to say goodbye to 2020 in style. We’ve been lucky enough to take our foot off the peddle a tiny bit this year, but we are still in operation. One of the realities of farming is that plants and animals don’t take a break when the rest of the world does.

There are a number of crops that seem to wait until we all need a break before they burst into action. The cherry tomato is one of these plants.

You know it’s Christmtomatoesas when you look across the farm and see these small, red Christmas decorations hanging from the vines.

Cherry tomatoes are a real crowd pleaser among our customer base. While we know that some people struggle eating seasonally (many people would love cherry tomatoes every week of the year), eating seasonally means that you really get to taste the seasons. A fun fact is that tomatoes are a plant that is heavy in histamines, meaning that if you’re prone to hay fever and have been eating these yummy fruits throughout winter, your body is quickly overloaded when spring brings grass-pollen in the wind. By eating seasonally we can cleanse our bodies of certain things so that when they come en masse in later seasons, our bodies are ready for it.

The cherry tomato definitely has a distinctive summer taste (vibrant and fresh!) so we hope you enjoy it with family and friends over this festive time of the year. We know we had fun growing it!


Cal Champagne
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