Beets and Beetssilverbeet

We grow veg seasonally at the farm and Customers have told us in the past that receiving veg in their box that reflects the season makes them feel more connected to the world around them. There is certainly something special about slurping down a winter soup made of turnip and cauliflower or adding the first cucumber of the season to a summer salad. But it’s also good to appreciate the few veg we can grow all year round in the Illawarra.

The beet family, which brings us beetroot, silverbeet and rainbow chard, grows consistently all year at the farm.

While many people are unfamiliar with rainbow chard, this leafy green is grown and eaten very similarly to silver beet or, its well-known cousin, ‘Swiss chard’. And if you take a careful look at a beetroot stem and leaf, you can see how similar it is to the rainbow chard’s or silver beet’s. Furthermore, the beetroot leaf can even be cooked and eaten in a similar way. Beetroots, however, are grown primarily for their distinctive juicy bulbous root and we grow both the classic purple, and the less well-known golden variety at the farm.

Not only do these crops do well in all seasons, but they are also incredibly versatile in the kitchen. Silverbeet and rainbow chard are just as much at home in a winter soup, filling a pastry, or in an omelette. And just a tip – rather than throwing the stems away, fry them with your onions or garlic in a stir-fry, or roast them in the oven! Roasted beetroot is always a crowd pleaser, but it also sets a salad off when finely grated. Bonus tip: All of the beets make great spinach substitutions and we love offering such a meal staple in a variety of forms!

Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Manager

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 What’s that in my box: Rosemary is a fragrant, woody herb native to the Mediterranean region. While most of us think of lamb roasts, rosemary can also be used in salad dressings, with roast veggies, and in soups or homemade veggie stock. Rosemary is actually very beneficial for hair growth as well and you can find a variety of hair mask recipes online! For more information on how to store & cook any of our vegetables, visit: and type in the veggie you’re looking for.

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