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The main reason we do veg boxes rather than selling wholesale to Sydney markets, is because we want to build and foster a relationship between the people who grow the food, the people who eat it, and the land that we work on. A supermarket shelf shows us the product but pulls a curtain over the reality of how that product came to be; the hard work that went into it and the environmental cost of its production.

If we want to create a food system the regenerates land rather than degrades, empowers workers and communities rather than exploiting them, and value the health and wellbeing of the eaters of our food, then surely, we need to start by pulling back that curtain and allowing an open exchange between the grower and the eater.

To this end, we are inviting our veg box customers to a complimentary morning tea at the farm from 11am till 1pm on Saturday March 20th. Come and meet some of our farm team and break bread with us as a way to help thank you for your support and show you the work that we do. Partners and kids are welcome and we encourage you to book in for a farm tour as we will have these running in the morning and afternoon on the same day. We will update the website with the tour times and send out another reminder closer to, but for now save the date!

As we say repeatedly, you as our customer and supporter, are the reason that we can do what we do. Your support is the reason we can pay our staff fair wages, provide them with the support they need to break into employment avenues, and why we can invest in regenerating our land for the future. We’d love a chance to show you around our farm and meet you face-to-face!

Please note we will follow relevant COVID-19 restrictions on the day.


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