Veg box insert 21 November 2019

It’s amazing the difference weather can make! The first hot spell of the season is always an anxious time. It can typically force the winter veg to ‘bolt’ to seed or get smashed by summer pests.

But the real hero this week is the Zucchini patch, which started to pump out fruit as soon as the weather turned. The only challenge Zucchini’s pose through summer is picking them in time! So, our crew will have their work cut out over summer making sure we get them before they turn into starchy marrows (and our pigs will have some serious eating to do if we can’t keep up with the picking!).

This season, we are growing our favourite grey Lebanese Zucchini as well as the standard dark green Italian Zucchini’s. Both varieties cook and eat very similar. Zucchini are typically associated with Mediterranean cuisine – but they are actually the perfect veg to thinly slice and grate into any dish.


Cal Champagne
Green Connect Farm Manager